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Breaking the news

Posted on 22 Oct 2021 @ 11:36pm by Petty Officer First Class Muireal Kendrick

Mission: Mission 1: Forming Up
Location: Kendrick residence
Timeline: Date 2387-07-01 at 1145

The Chief was as good as his word, she was secured from duty to report to her new ship, yes the Master Chief who told her looked like he had eaten a very sour lemon, he did reassure her he wasn’t angry with her for taking the position, but in having to replace her.

After passing on the repairs she was reviewing to another Senior NCO, she did pack the small items on her desk, figuring she’d probably be too busy to come back to this office.

Ducking out she was heading towards housing figuring a good quick shower fresh uniform then dig in the new engine and get the lay of the engine room. That was the plan at least.

She managed to sneak in, the dog, sleeping in his corner seemed to ignore her or hadn’t realized mom was home, and both cats just stared at her. She got into the shower and was letting the hot water clean the grime off her. It was nice but she couldn’t linger, one luxury with the planetside base was unlimited hot water,

That would be when Mickey, the family’s mixed shepherd/lab/husky mix decided to see what was making noise in the bathroom and when she turned around there was a now wet, happy dog sitting in the tub and seeming to say ‘see I can play in the water too.’

She yelped in surprise which of course made happy barks. “Get out of the tub Micky,” With some dog grumbles of protest h got out but had to shake, she took a bit to dry off then headed in to change,

Where a total of 30lbs of cats when combined had decided to sleep on her uniform.

“Bloody marvelous, I guess my uniform needed cat hair, did it?”

Rocky, the long haired cat looked at her then yawned before getting off her uniform and shaking himself. She sighed then shooed the other cat, Balboa a grey tabby off the rest of her clothing and began to dress. When she had gotten everything but her uniform jacket on the door blew open and her son, came tearing in.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy, Grex eats BUGS, eeeew.” Duncan found the concept of eating bugs gross, but he was also fascinated because he was 6.

She sighed, “Grex is Ferengi, to him eating bugs is like you and hot dogs. He probably thinks that’s gross. So I don’t want you telling him that.”

“I won’t,he’s my friend.”

“Good.” She tousled his hair, “Where’s your sister?”

“Da’s bringing her up, he picked us up.”

That’s when the sounds of more people were in the living room, so she grabbed her jacket, then she turned to her son, “Duncan, can you take those shoes.” She pointed to her boots, “And bring them in the kitchen.”

“Ok.” He grabbed the shoes and carried them out. She grabbed her jacket and followed the small bundle of loud noises that was her son.

She headed into the kitchen to hear a question to the bearer of shoes.

“Where did you get those/”

“Ma told me to bring them here.”

She walked in to the kitchen, much to the surprise of her husband.

“I thought you’d be home later?” James Kendrick looked at his wife. They had been together so long they could nearly read each other’s minds. Their relationship had started when they were stationed on the same starship, she was in engineering, he was in security, when he was severely injured in a boarding action, they had bonded closer over his recovery, and now many years and 2 children later they were still together and happy.

“I have a new assignment, so I have to report at 1300, so I figured to take a few minutes, come home and get a quick shower and get back.”

Mara, now 4 had moved over to hug mom’s legs, she was in kindergarten but today she and her brother were on some school holiday, so they were underfoot.

James sighed and sat down, his right leg was artificial something with the Orion disruptor made it impossible to grow a new leg, however, the artificial one worked just fine, even if it ached from time to time.

She started to get a quick lunch together, without his having to say a word. “You know I think T’van is home today and she says he doesn’t mind watching these two, she finds their interaction ‘fascinating’, give you a bit of a break.”

“It’s ok, I’m done for the day, all I can do now is wait for the Federation Recreation service approve the name I picked and we’re open for business.”

“Did you go with Unicorn and Thistle?”

“Yeah.” He chuckled, “Where we had our wedding dinner.” Then he paused, “Oh, and apparently the IKS Ch’tok will be renting the place out for a movie evening.”

“What Opera would they be watching?”

“The Glorious battle of the Warrior Rocky Balboa versus Ivan Drago.”

“Wait.. you’re telling me the Klingons are gathering to watch Rocky 4?”

“Yep, apparently the battle to avenge his friend is out of the story of Kahless, his battle is worthy of story and song, though they wonder one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Why is there a robot?”

“We all wonder that.”


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