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The Redhead

Posted on 22 Oct 2021 @ 11:23pm by Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks & Petty Officer First Class Muireal Kendrick

Mission: Mission 1: Forming Up
Location: Montgomery Base, Shuttle Maintenance Facility
Timeline: Date 2387-07-01 at 1130

The very short meeting with the Master Chief running the propulsion shop at the Shuttle Maintenance Facility on Montgomery Base had gone poorly. He was not very into having his favorite PS1 taken away by this guy for some ship idea that he didn't believe in for a second. If word got around to the Master Chiefs or to the base's Chief Club he was going to not be very popular for a while.

"I'm looking for Kendrick," he announced, as he approached a group working on a nacelle of a runabout. "Chief Hicks," he announced his name, hoping to grab the attention of the various enlisted personnel hard at work.

"She's working on the Rio Chama, Chief, it's about 2 bays over." The very junior MK responded, "Dodgy thruster controls, she's sorting it."

"Oh," he said, with a slight scowl he was given incorrect information. "Thanks," he said, moving to the correct bay. "I'm looking for Kendrick," he repeated, gruffly when he arrived.

The activity was chaotic but she had that knack of hearing her name. The engineering coveralls she wore were rumpled, and she had a smudge of grease on her cheek, she was one to get hands in to fix issues, She handed the tricorder and spanner off to a second PO1, "Just check that EPS flow in to the control manifuld, hell if it's bad enough replace the bloody thing , we got the spare parts. " Then looking down she called out, "I'm Kendrick." Before she climbed down from the runabout. "Don't ask me when this is going to be ready I'm hoping...." Then she saw him, "You're not here about the Rio Chama are you?"

"Nope," Hicks said, with a shake of the head. "Have a proposition for you, have a minute?" he asked.

"Of course." She tucked a stray hair behind her ear then gestured, "This way." She moved through the controlled chaos of the repair bay stopping only to answer a couple questions and give some advice, soon they were at her rather cluttered workspace/office which had several engineering status reports, and a few scattered parts, her desk had the usual collection of stuff and a family photo. "Have a seat....somwhere."

"I'm fine, but thank you," he said, pulling his mini-pad from his pocket. He leaned against one of the counters as he brought up some information before he held it out for her. "I've been placed in command of the USS Fletcher it's a new mark two version of the Arrow Class. They thought it would be a good idea to mass produce these runabouts they made a bit larger and call a full ship with a permanent crew. Law enforcement and border patrol operations will be its top priorities. But with everything going down with the Romulans who knows," he said, with a shrug. "I need an Engineering Petty Officer to lead that department, you interested?" he asked.

"You sure don't beat around the bush." She mused and then nodded, "I'm interested. " She knew the Arrow Class was not a deep space vessel, so she wasn't expecting long trips, but she would have to let her husband know and the kids, but running her own engine room... how could she turn that down?

"No, I don't," Bryan agreed with a nod. "And I'm glad to hear that... I'll get the paperwork done, and send you the location of the ship's office. If you can be there by thirteen-hundred I'll smooth it out with your current leadership so you can start checking out over the next couple days or whatever."

She had begun mentally reassigning the two or three things she had been working on and then responded, "thirteen-hundred I can be there any idea on others in the department?"

"No, nothing yet, right now I'm working on the senior staff. I'll try and have a better idea of how everything will work by this afternoon or tomorrow latest. The ship isn't here yet, I'm not sure when it arrives, but we have time to get things together. The only thing I can say for certain is everyone that we will have for crew comes from Montgomery Base. We might not make friends doing this."

She nodded, "Well, if it helps my husband's pub will be opening in a few days and discount or free drinks is known to make a lot of friends."

"Fair point," the Chief said. "I'll see you at thirteen-hundred."


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