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The Salted One

Posted on 22 Oct 2021 @ 11:23pm by Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks & Petty Officer First Class Michael Essex

Mission: Mission 1: Forming Up
Location: Montgomery Base, Quarters of BM1 Essex
Timeline: Date 2387-07-02 at 1000

Hicks had made it to his shop early, an hour earlier than normal, he got to work on ensuring that his check out procedures were done as quickly as possible. He had a command to run after all and so after stopping to refill his large coffee in the usual large BMC mug he rang the chime at the quarters of BM1 Michael Essex. Hick was certain he knew the man in passing from here on the base as well as maybe a previous assignment aboard a ship. While they'd been at the same units they seemed to have always been in different shops or on different schedules. Such was life in Starfleet. So big but in someways so little.

"Good morning BM1," Hicks said, when the man answered his door. "Chief Hicks, I think we've met prior," he said. The history that he read in the man's record honestly made him the only personnel record he read to run the operations department on the Fletcher. He was a man deserving a second chance and a man who was quite good at his job. He needed a break and Hicks had one to give.

"Sorry to bother you off shift," he added. "I have an interesting proposal for you though."

"Good morning Chief." Michael said, stepping out of the doorway and inviting him in. "Please, come in." As Hicks stepped over the threshold "The last interesting proposal I accepted from a chief landed me in Kyoto Basic Training."

"I know it's an instant turn off but give me a chance," Bryan said. "I don't know that we've ever met directly but I know we've served in some of the same units. I've heard a lot of good things about you," he said, entering the room. Bryan automatically browsed around to take in the quarters.

Michael's quarters were nothing special. A door to a bedroom to the left, a small kitchen to the right, and a living room between them that connected to the door to the outside. Only three pictures were spread around, one of Michael and his parents, one of Michael in his dress uniform from more than ten years ago, and one of a graduating group of recruits.

"Those 'good things' are possibly outdated intel Chief." Michael gestured to the kitchen and thus to the replicator. "Can I get you anything?"

"Nah, I'm good, and please call me Byran," he said, "and yeah I'm aware of the recent set back... but I'm here to offer you an about-face."

Michael then gestured to the small four-chair kitchen table. "Where would I be marching off to?"

"USS Fletcher it's a new Mark 2 Arrow Class gave it a permanent crew of twelve, made it larger, going to augment our failing border patrol and law enforcement operations along the Romulan border areas. They're creating a Task Group based off Montgomery Base and units stationed around other places."

"They're actually going through with that plan?" Michael asked in astonishment. "I heard they wanted to use runabouts to keep an eye on the border but I didn't think it would pan out."

"It's bigger, but yes, they're going through with it. Crew of twelve," Bryan explained. "I was looking to see if you'd like to run my operations department and the XPO role."

"I'm tempted to say yes. I want to get out of running the late night cargo run to orbit. And to get away from my ex-wife, that too." Michael said, "I'm surprised you're asking me though, I figured you'd want a Chief instead of a someone with my recent history."

"I know you have hit a rough spot in your career and I know that the rough spot wasn't caused by you being incapable. Consider this a chance to repair your career and develop a brand new Starfleet initiative to remind the brass what a good group of non-coms can accomplish with the right tools for the job," Bryan said, hoping one of the two would get him.

"Worst case we can blame a lack of proper supervision." Michael chuckled. "I can use the fresh scenery. I accept."

"Fantastic, I'll take care of the paperwork... meet me at the location of our ship's office that'll I message you by thirteen-hundred and hopefully by the time your next shift starts you'll be ready to start checking out of your current unit," Bryan said, with a grin.

"Copy that Chief." Michael nodded.

"See you in a few hours," he said, with a nod before heading out


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