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The Office

Posted on 10 Oct 2021 @ 4:42pm by Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks

Mission: Mission 1: Forming Up
Location: Montgomery Base, Ship's Office
Timeline: Date 2387-07-01 at 1615

After recruiting HS2 Lockner to the crew and having that squared away his next order of business was to go to the office the ship had been assigned. He moved back to the building assigned as headquarters for the Task Group and took a staircase to the second floor. The building had no lift, that he was aware of, but that suited him just fine as he walked down the hallway and saw a building that was marked with an obviously temporary sign "USS Fletcher" and when he hit the panel it allowed him access.

He entered and he was immediately shown a large open space with office equipment and workstations that were stacked in containers in the center of the room. Along the right side of the room were three doors one in the center, one completely to the right, and one to the complete left of the wall if facing it. He started at the first door and learned that it was a head, the second door a small conference room which had no furniture, and then the third door was clearly an office with a desk and a container full of what he assumed was a workstation or something atop of the desk.

"This should work," Bryan mused to himself.

"Ship opens for business tomorrow..." he grinned. Tonight's mission was to go celebrate and to read through some more personnel files.


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