The DMOA, Part 1

Posted on 04 Nov 2021 @ 3:16pm by Petty Officer Second Class Amherst Lockner & Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks

Mission: Mission 1: Forming Up
Location: Montgomery Base, Ship's Office
Timeline: Date 2387-07-03 at 1245

"Lockner," Chief Hicks called as he approached the cubicle that the HS2 had selected as her office. It was closest to his office on the back corner which was handy given her role as yeoman. He had just completed his lunch enjoying his new office and when he had finished he cleaned up and came to see what of the crew had returned. He saw the Corpsman/Yeoman and decided to send her on an assignment having gotten word who their new Designated Medical Officer Advisor (DMOA) would be.

"Yes?" Lockner looked up from her computer as her Chief approached. She had been working on paperwork all morning, but found a sort of relaxing familiarity to it.

"First off, great job with all of the day's paperwork and getting orders taken care of for personnel. I know it was a tight crunch this morning but I'm glad to have selected you for the job," Hick said, praising her sincerely. Praise from a chief was hard to come by and he knew it was important to give the credit when do for the morale of the people and the unit.

Amherst smiled at that comment. "Thank you, chief." The woman really did appreciate the praise, and she was glad to hear the chief give it. She was still trying to place the mind, within her mind. Was he more formal? Or relaxed? These were important things to figure out when starting an assignment, and Amherst had yet to make up her mind on Hicks. At least he seemed kind, either way.

"So listen, the rest of the personnel orders can wait until later this afternoon. The Engineer and I are going to start onboarding the new candidates for the department in about fifteen minutes," Hicks said, despite that she'd know that. "In the meantime I got the name of the DMOA we were assigned. A Lieutenant Command Elijah Nolan," he told her. "You should go meet with him get things setup for the crew. If he asks about it I'm happy to have you help out in the sickbay when needed if it doesn't interfere with ship's duties to get to know him and keep skills sharp."

"Elijah Nolan," Amherst repeated the name, cementing it into her memory. Had she heard of the man before? As much as Amherst would have wanted to stay and observe some of the onboarding, she recognized that this was an important task as well. Meeting with authority was always something else, and the corpsman strove to leave good first impressions. That being said... working in sickbay was a good thing. To keep ones skill sharp, and to network. But a small lazy part of Lockner wished that she could spend her time on base doing less important tasks instead. A thought that she would never dare say out loud. She didn't mind it that much, really. "I'll go meet with him, then." Lockner smiled as she stood up, closing out the file she had been looking at on her computer.

"Great," he said. "You know the guy?" Hick asked. It stood to reason that even if she'd only been on the base a short time she might have met some of the medical officers. Of course he had no real idea what division of the department the two were assigned to or if she had some specialty or that the doctor did that would keep them separated. Medical was a foreign world to him and he was happy to keep it that way.

"I've heard of him." Amherst seemed to recall his rank, but little else. Still, she was on good terms with most of the medical staff. If she had met and just forgot about it, well, that was a likely case too. "But I don't believe we've formally met." Somehow Amherst kept getting the late shift - apparently that's the punishment for admitting that it didn't make her very tired - so there were still plenty of the medical staff that she didn't know.

"Alright well, after you meet with him let me know what you think," the Chief said. "See you later."

"I'll see you later, Chief."