The Sim

Ship Layout

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The small crew of the Fletcher get to know each other intimately in such tight quarters. Not a single member of the sim, including the Officer-in-Charge, are afforded a private head (bathroom). The OIC is given his own quarters with office space and the two department heads aboard share a room with a double bunk and a desk. All other members of the crew share quarters with two double bunks and no office space with the exception of the Corpsman. While not shown on the layout image the Corpsman sleeps in a bunk over their desk space along the bulkhead of the sickbay. This allows space for a Corpsman to be apart of the crew and to quickly tend to any injured personnel as the only medically trained person aboard. The two crew quarters are split based upon rank with all Petty Officers aft and the non-rates (crewman) forward. The crew is able to use the auxiliary bridge consoles or their workspace in engineering for duty or personal related matters.

All members of the crew are afforded permanent personal quarters at Montgomery Station, a planetary base, homeport of the Fletcher.

Crew Duties