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Petty Officer Second Class Amherst Lockner

Name Amherst Isabel Lockner

Position Health Services Technician (Corpsman)

Rank Petty Officer Second Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Amherst - or “Isabel”, as her friends call her - is a relatively petite woman. She has a slender frame with medium brown skin and dark, curly hair. She almost always has some sort of smile. Although Isabel could be considered “pretty”, she doesn’t dress up much, opting for comfortable clothes rather than fancy ones whenever she is out of uniform.


Father Shark (82 years, Vulcan engineer serving as an officer in Starfleet), Anders Lockner (60, human counselor serving as an officer in Starfleet)
Other Family/Important Relationships Loralei Lockner (biological mother; 58, serving as a wildlife rehabber on Earth)
Gregory Rowley (biological father; 28 at death)
Kasey Lockner (“cousin”/half-brother, 20, law student on Earth)

Personality & Traits

Personality Isabel takes everything in stride. It would be difficult to find a more chill, well-adjusted soul. She is a generally happy person, who enjoys making friends and can be entertained by even the simplest amusement. Isabel went through a lot in life as a child, and she came out of her childhood realizing that in the end, what matters is that she is happy. Not successful; happy. She avoids conflict or competition - which is what made her avoid the Academy in the first place - and instead she just wants everybody to get along without pushing themselves too hard. Some might call this attitude lazy. To that, Isabel would say “oh well.” Although she might seem a touch naive at times due to this optimistic outlook, Isabel is quite self-aware about how she behaves and portrays herself. She does have some slight PTSD from the Breen Attack on Earth, which took place while she was a child living in San Francisco, but she is very positive about working to improve her mental health.
Hobbies & Interests Isabel enjoys reading and having new experiences. She also likes hiking, but that can be a bit difficult to find time for, given her profession. She is currently trying to learn how to cook actual food - instead of just using a replicator - but the progress on learning has been slow, and she doesn’t bring up that hobby very often because she doesn’t want others to judge her for being bad at it. She also practices meditation in private.
Scuttlebutt -Well liked by her superiors
-Hardworking, but not ambitious. She does better when told exactly what to do, rather than being allowed to take the initiative to do it for herself
-Easy to get along with, but perhaps not the most fun at parties. She's not a stick in the mud but she's far from the center of attention: she usually sticks to polite small talk when in large crowds
-Prefers talking about other people's issues rather than her own (a good person to vent to)
-Both her parents are officers in Starfleet
-She lived on Vulcan for a few years

Personal History Amherst’s story starts a bit before she was born. Two young wildlife rehabbers, Loralei Lockner and Gregory Rowley, were expecting their first child. Unfortunately, Gregory died in a freak accident while Loralei was halfway through her pregnancy and Loralei didn’t want or have the mental strength at the moment to raise the child alone. Fortunately, her gay brother and his Vulcan husband had been thinking about adopting a kid around the same time. So when Amherst Isabel Lockner was born, she was adopted by two loving fathers and raised alongside them, partially on Earth and partially on board her fathers’ ships in Starfleet - the two of them were officers. The family was always close knit and good at communicating. She grew up knowing her “aunt” Loralei was really her mother, and despite the differences in age, her “cousin” Kasey, who was really her half brother from Loralei’s current marriage, remained one of her closer friends.

It wasn’t entirely peachy, though. Isabel spent most of her childhood on Starfleet ships. As both her fathers were officers, they tended to pressure her (subconsciously, for the most part) into a path in life that would lead her to the Academy. At first, Isabel was ready to follow them into that. She was a studious child, slightly competitive, if anything, in her classwork. Things went downhill when she turned thirteen. The Dominion War. Her fathers weren’t about to leave Starfleet when it needed them most, but they also weren’t about to leave their daughter in the dangerous position that was being on a ship in wartime. She moved back to Earth, living part of the time with a family friend in San Francisco - a retired Starfleet engineer, a good mentor to her father Shark - and part of the time with her aunt Loralei in New York. Those were a stressful couple years, but Isabel was a strong kid. She told herself that as long as her fathers came home safely, she would be fine.

Now, most stories like hers would end in her fathers dying, out there in the war while she was safely home on Earth. But they were fine. Fate had some crueler irony in store for her: while her fathers thought she was safe back on Earth, the Breen attacked in 2375. She nearly died. The family friend that was looking after her did die. Whatever luck that was there to keep alive did not lend itself to a fast recovery for the teenager. For weeks it was touch and go as to whether she was going to survive. At her fathers request, she was moved to Vulcan; the medical facilities in that area on Earth were a bit overwhelmed, and her fathers thought she would have a better chance at recovery if Shark used his influence to get her into a Vulcan hospital instead. Isabel spent a year recovering before she was able to return to school - and when she returned to school it was on Vulcan.

Oh boy. There is no stranger a wakeup call than trying to spend your last two years of highschool on Vulcan. Isabel had been a studious, competitive child. But she was undeniably human. She was raised as a human. Frankly, her Vulcan classmates frightened her a touch, and if anything they only made shy away from that competitive nature and embrace her own emotions. She was near the bottom of her class, and when she turned eighteen she opted to not enroll in the Academy. She had met some of the Vulcans that she would be competing against to get it. She had almost died, and didn’t want to spend the rest of her fighting for scraps and promotions. So instead, she enrolled in pre-med (her time in the hospital had given her a great respect for modern medicine) and moved back to Earth for college.

This was fine. Isabel was fine with college. She liked the college atmosphere - perhaps she was more amused by it than anything, especially after the contrast with spending the last three years on Vulcan - and she liked the energy of it. She was smart, but she wasn’t a genius and she perhaps didn’t apply herself very hard in her studies. She was solidly in the middle of her class, as far as grades went. She decided on a path that focused on classes that would get her into medical school, instead of classes that would contribute to a useful degree. It took until her senior year to decide that she didn’t want to go to medical school. She had taken the entrance exams and met some of her highly competitive, ambitious classmates and decided that this was no better than the Academy. She wasn’t here to compete. So she dropped out - no use in graduating when your degree was only made for med school applicants anyway - and enlisted in Starfleet instead. Screw everything else. She wanted to be on a ship, and do some medical duties, and this was the fastest way she found to do it.

Near the end of 2381, Isabel started boot camp. She found, to her own amusement, that it suited her well enough. It was rough, sure, but no more rough on her than others. She was good at following orders. And in 2382 she started “A-school” to train as a corpsman. Here, at least, her time as a pre-med student came in handy and she did well learning - that extra knowledge along with her organizational skills and obedience had been perhaps why she was sent so soon to further training.

For the next few years, Isabel served as a Corpsman on various short assignments, to different Starbases and ships. She was happy. She made friends, and few enemies, and had a few relationships though none of them lasted very long. Her fathers would have been more proud of her if she was an officer, but they were still proud of her and glad that she was in Starfleet.

One of her more eventful assignments came in 2386. Due to a clerical error she was assigned to a tiny, remote logistics and storage station, along with another crewman: Zack Hotaru. While stuck on the station together for a couple months, the two grew close. Even afterwards, when she was assigned to different ships or base duty and Zack went back to Earth for A-school, they continued to stay in contact. And they most definitely made time to meet up when they happened to both be at the same base.

Amherst Isabel found herself looking forward to her most recent posting for various reasons: not only will this be her first new posting since her promotion to a Petty Officer Second Class, but it also happens to be the same ship that Zack is assigned to.
Service Record 2381 - Joined, completed boot camp, gained the rank of Crewman Apprentice
2382 - Completed training to become a Corpsman, promotion to Petty Officer Third Class. First of various short assignments on different ships and stations
2386 - Two and a half months stationed on Outpost B312, where she met Zack
2387 - Promotion to Petty Officer Second Class, assignment to the USS Fletcher