NPC Opportunities

Posted on 01 Oct 2021 @ 2:10pm by Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks

Members of the USS Fletcher have the following NPC/Secondary Character opportunities available to them:

Task Group Commanding Officer –The Task Group Commander is responsible for the direction of operations that are assigned to the USS Fletcher and other small craft/ships that are assigned to it. The Task Group Commander is based off their flagship or at homeport.

Task Group Operations Officer -Often the representative of the Task Group Commanding Officer that the Fletcher's Officer in Charge deals with they are responsible for tracking all Task Group Operations throughout the area of responsibility and writing operational orders. They serve as the liaison between unit commanders/officers-in-charge and the Task Group staff.

Designated Medical Officer Advisor -The Designated Medical Officer Advisor (DMOA) is the supervisor of the Fletcher's corpsman medically and serves as the primary care physician and medical officer for the ship while at homeport.

Homeport Dock Master - The Dock Master at the Fletcher's homeport is also a frequent contact of the crew as they assigned the Fletcher berthing space when they return. They are also a contact that helps arrange engineering support and logistics aboard the base.

If interested please contact the OIC.



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