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The year is 2387 and the turmoil in the former territory of the Romulan Star Empire continues to grow even more tense each day. The United Federation of Planet is wary of its border security with the collapse of the neutral zone, the new Romulan factions coming to play, and increase of piracy and terrorist activities along the border. Being ready to respond to a crisis at a moment's notice, gather intelligence, and to conduct border operations has become increasingly necessary since the Hobus incident.

In response Starfleet Engineering has began to modify the Arrow Class runabout into a small law enforcement patrol vessel crewed by a permanent crew based from a Starbase. This extended Arrow Class Mark 2 has the space for a crew of twelve. In addition to their life aboard the ship each member of the crew is assigned permanent quarters at the planetary base Montgomery Station, their homeport, to spread out when not underway.

This sim explores the very tight knit crew of the USS Fletcher made up completely of non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.

All members must be eighteen or older too join.

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» NPC Opportunities

Posted on 01 Oct 2021 @ 2:10pm by Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks in Fletcher News

Members of the USS Fletcher have the following NPC/Secondary Character opportunities available to them:

Task Group Commanding Officer –The Task Group Commander is responsible for the direction of operations that are assigned to the USS Fletcher and other small craft/ships that are assigned to it. The Task Group Commander is based off their flagship or at homeport.

Task Group Operations Officer -Often the representative of the Task Group Commanding Officer that the Fletcher's Officer in Charge deals with they are responsible for tracking all Task Group Operations throughout the area of responsibility and writing operational orders. They serve as the liaison between unit commanders/officers-in-charge and the Task Group staff.

Designated Medical Officer Advisor -The Designated Medical Officer Advisor (DMOA) is the supervisor of the Fletcher's corpsman medically and serves as the primary care physician and medical officer for the ship while at homeport.

Homeport Dock Master - The Dock Master at the Fletcher's homeport is also a frequent contact of the crew as they assigned the Fletcher berthing space when they return. They are also a contact that helps arrange engineering support and logistics aboard the base.

If interested please contact the OIC.

» Applications Open

Posted on 01 Oct 2021 @ 12:52pm by Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks in Fletcher News

Greetings and welcome aboard the USS Fletcher! The Fletcher is based on a specially modified arrow class runabout that was increased in size due to the need for increased border patrol operations by Starfleet. The specifications are still being straightened out and the website being developed, however, at this time we are ready to begin accepting applications. If you're interested please join our Discord Server and accept the rules of both Sim Central and the USS Fletcher and learn more information from our GM. All applicants are welcome to discuss and develop their bios one on one with the crew and GM.

Check back often for updates!

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» The Office

Mission: Mission 1: Forming Up
Posted on 10 Oct 2021 @ 4:42pm by Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks

After recruiting HS2 Lockner to the crew and having that squared away his next order of business was to go to the office the ship had been assigned. He moved back to the building assigned as headquarters for the Task Group and took a staircase to the second floor. The…

» Sidekick Needed

Mission: Mission 1: Forming Up
Posted on 10 Oct 2021 @ 2:14am by Petty Officer Second Class Amherst Lockner & Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks

After the meeting with his new Task Group Commander Bryan decided to head to his quarters for a shower and a change of uniforms. This time, however, he donned command red instead of his normal yellow. It occurred to him that the BM3 he had been working with had probably…

» The Blue Man of Mystery

Mission: Mission 1: Forming Up
Posted on 09 Oct 2021 @ 5:18pm by Chief Petty Officer Bryan Hicks & Captain Thoss Zynes

Bryan Hicks joined Starfleet to get off Earth and away from his messed up childhood as quickly as humanly possible. He was told repeatedly he'd make a fine officer and should try for the academy after serving as an enlisted man a few years to make up for his horrible…